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Legalized cannabis offers various benefits and risks that are being discovered everyday. There are many questions to answer and things to know.

Welcoming Weed is a blog aiming to inform and empower you about the emerging cannabis market. The blog will provide credible and relatable information to help you make sense of your choices.

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Hi, I'm Laura Geftman

I’ve worked as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing in addiction recovery for over a decade. The legalization of cannabis has me thinking twice. Welcoming Weed has come about as a product of the research that changed my mind about marijuana. There’s actually a lot to know about modern day marijuana.

I’m aiming to be a trusted source for the most valid, reliable, and proven information about cannabis research, products, services, etc…

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The blog will feature interviews, Q&As, and personal stories. If you are a healthcare provider certified in medical cannabis treatment, a cannabis user or just canna-curious, I would love to hear from you!